Monday, April 14, 2014

Norway Getaway

Took a weekend trip to Norway for the second to last weekend of March, and I must say, the landscape is just breath-taking.  It is such a naturally unique place -- one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited.  I was lucky enough to hike The Pulpit Rock and see a very eery yet incredibly magnificent view of the Fjords.  It was the perfect weekend getaway because there is a huge "green" deficiency in the city of Granada!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This past weekend, March 21-23, I went to Morocco with Discover Excursions.  I had an amazing time!  The trip was very well-organized and we had great meals and super fun activities.

We left Granada on Friday, went through Sevilla and then down to Tarifa to catch the ferry to Tangiers, Morocco.  We arrived in Morocco around 7pm and had dinner at our hotel just outside of Tangiers around 8pm.  The hotel, La Paloma, was amazing!!  4 stars, wonderful food and accommodating staff. For dinner, we had a curried soup, then cous cous with caramelized onions and chicken all seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg and other delicious spices and then fruit for dessert.  After dinner we pretty much just went to bed because we had to be up early the next morning.

We woke up, had breakfast and left the hotel around 9am, driving to Chefchaouen (The blue city).  We spent the first half of the day on a walking tour of the entire city of Chefchaouen, and let me tell you... It really is all blue!  Then we had lunch at a restaurant in the center with a rooftop terrace called Aladin. For lunch we had a mixed salad of lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, corn, and peppers and then had seasoned chicken with rice and some fries and fruit for dessert.  After lunch we had a few hours to roam Chefchaouen on our own to shop and bargain.  Some of us got henna done on our hands, the lady was amazing, she did it in under 2 minutes!  After shopping for a little while we sat on the rooftop terrace of Aladin and drank fresh mint tea - perfect end to the afternoon!  After Chefchaouen, we headed back to our hotel (about 2 hours driving) and had some free time to relax before dinner.  We had dinner at the hotel that consisted of a mixed salad with a vegetables, beets, hard-boiled egg and tuna, then had curried meatballs with rice and a stuffed eggplant and mousse for dessert.  After dessert, our adorable tour guide Toba informed us that we would have a "Sexy Sangria Party" on the top floor of the hotel that night around 10pm and that there would be a crazy surprise so we should all go.  Of course my friends and I went and had our sangria, and truly were surprised by the traditional Moroccan musicians/dancers who performed for us.  There was even a man who danced, balancing a tray of lit candles on his head -- Crazy stuff!  After the performance, we all went to bed because we had another early day ahead of us.

Had breakfast at the hotel, then headed out at 9am to go to Assilah, a town on the coast.  It was much smaller than Chefchaouen and más tranquila (more calm/chill).  We walked around with the group for a little bit, took cute pictures by the coast and then had a little free time to shop.  It was nice because things were a little cheaper in Assilah then in Chefchaouen because it's less touristy at this time of year. People go more often during the summer to utilize the beach.  After a little shopping, we went outside Assilah to eat lunch along the beach.  We had a mixed salad similar to the one from the night before and then chicken kebabs and fruit for dessert - delicious!  After lunch, we were supposed to explore a cave, but the King of Morocco was visiting that area and nobody was allowed near there, so we went to the beach and just relaxed, played soccer and collected shells.  After the beach, we went to do our camel rides!  It was super fun, but very short - just around the parking lot.  I also felt bad for the camels because they seemed very tired.  After the camel ride, we headed back to the port at Tangiers.  We had a long trip back to Granada and ended up arriving on Monday morning at 6am, but it was worth it because the weekend was a blast and I can't wait to go to Portugal with the same company!!!